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The deadlines for payment, main stake for the cash management of SME and mid-cap companies

– 46% of managers associate with deadlines for payment their cash shortage
– 2/3 of business managers meet regulary delays in customers payments
– For 8 managers on 10, these delays had a significant impact on the health of the company
– 6 days less on the customer’s period payment would be enough to avoid these cash flow problems

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Brokers, you are concerned

The recovery action done by an insurance broker against the third party on behalf of its clients comes under the debt collection activity. This activity governed by the decree n° 96-1 112 dated on December 18th 1996 implies overlooked obligations, whom the non-compliance could be submitted to a criminal sanction.

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Consult the regulation n° 1215/2012 of the European Parliament and of the Council of December 12th 2012 on jurisdiction and the recognition and enforcement of judgements in civil and commercial matters.

Official Journal of the European Council




Appeal court of Versailles, December 2nd 2010 – CMR and notice to pay.

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